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Content Made for Google

We provide weekly blog articles that are focused on your business & keywords. Regular content published on-site builds assets for your ranking.

Ongoing Optimization

We analyze & fix everything on your site for Google. On-Page SEO is important for long-term rankings, our team of experts handles this for you.

Genuine Backlinks

Don’t be fooled by paid links, they damage & blacklist your site if you’re not careful. We create content that enables you to acquire references in existing media & blog content.

Google My Business

As a local business, ranking for your target audience is critical. We optimize your Google My Business for you to ensure that you get high-quality traffic.

Our WordPress SEO Overview


Weekly Blog Articles

When it comes to ranking on Google for the long-term, content is king. Whether that’s through a user-based community or blog content, Google highly prefers sites that have consistent content published online.

Because of this, we cover weekly blog content that’s structured to help you acquire local organic traffic. This improves site metrics that Google looks for when ranking a site, which will result in consistent growth on our target keywords.

Our content is written by trained, experienced writers that are vetted by our proofreaders & your account manager. It’s unique, structured well & provides assets to your site that will deliver value for years.


On-Page Optimization

Another important aspect of SEO is fixing any technical issues that your site has, along with editing pages, posts & categories for your target keywords. We handle the entire process for you. Our optimization team will go through your site, fix any technical issues, and will integrate your target keywords into your site.

Please note that we provide comparison reports for optimization, not detailed change-by-change reports. This is not doable at our price point. We focus on executing our service rather than manual documentation that isn’t really needed in the long run.


High-Quality Backlinks

The final aspect of SEO is backlinks. In the SEO industry, there are many services that will advertise affordable links back to your site at a large volume, typically through blogs, directories & forums. This is not long-term SEO.

Some agencies will use what is called a ‘Private Blog Network’, which are sites owned by the agency. This is essentially a rented link that can be removed at any time. We highly advise against this.

At Northeast WP, we focus on acquiring link placements and references on media/blog sites in your industry. This is the most genuine way to acquire backlinks. It’s also the only backlink method that’s approved by Google. We focus on quality over quantity.

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