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Benefits of a Google Business Profile

Anthony Valentine
According to 'Search Engine RoundTable', an astounding 46% of Google searches involve searching for something nearby to one's geographical area. Despite this data, numerous companies are unable to make the most of the Google My Business (GMB) feature, which is, notably, available to use free of charge.

According to ‘Search Engine RoundTable‘, an astounding 46% of Google searches involve searching for something nearby to one’s geographical area. Despite this data, numerous companies are unable to make the most of the Google My Business (GMB) feature, which is, notably, available to use free of charge.

Advantages of Opening a Google My Business Listing:

Show Up in Local Google Map Results

While reviews are arguably an important consideration for customers who are searching for local companies, proximity to the individual also plays a large role. Although the Google Search feature is generally successful in presenting customers with many of the businesses in a certain region, the majority of customers utilize Google Maps to pinpoint the whereabouts of local businesses. This is particularly the case with mobile phone users.

Google Maps works by scattering various red markers around a local map. These red markers are placed on the location the person searched for. For instance, if you searched for something like “mechanics nearby” or “popular place to eat”, Google will do the work for you by filtering out any other businesses and only highlighting the local businesses that match your search. You can add your local business to the huge list of businesses already registered on Google Maps by simply claiming or creating your business’s GMB listing. Once your GMB is up and running, you will begin to appear on the maps of people who search for your business specialty. This will help you gain exposure and increase the chances of more customers visiting your business.

Show Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack

In recent years Google has reduced its local map pack results from seven to three. Companies worldwide are employing numerous search engine optimization (SEO) methods to enhance both their localized and “3-pack” (or “map pack”) rankings. See the figure below.

However, the majority of businesses are completely unaware that by setting up their Google My Business listing, they can significantly improve their company’s chances of ranking in the “3-pack.” Occupying a spot in this much-desired position can significantly boost your organization’s exposure. This is proven by the fact that companies who are listed on the local 3-pack obtain a staggering 700% more clicks than organizations that are not listed in one of these groups.

Earn Trust From Customers

The majority of customers must greatly trust an organization before they can confidently complete a transaction. This trust can be built by simply ensuring that your business is registered to a genuine location. Due to the significant amount of faith and certainty that the majority of users have in Google, people are by extension far more likely to trust your company and deem it trustworthy. This is because the process to qualify and be listed on Google Maps entails many steps and requires businesses to verify their location via mail.

Reviews Boost Your Appeal

Online business reviews are another one of the biggest contributing factors to a customer’s decision to purchase a product or service. The last time you purchased something online, did you go with the product with the highest reviews or the lowest?   With a GMB listing, customers will have the ability to review your business and leave comments for others to see. Not only will you get honest evaluations about what you are doing right and what you could be doing better, but it also generates a star rating that is visible beside your company’s name on Google. Provided that your business consistently provides excellent products and services, thus ensuring an enjoyable experience for customers, this star rating will gradually increase.

These good reviews and high ratings will ultimately provide a business with a distinct advantage over its competitors by attracting more customers who are considering ratings and online reviews as one of their purchasing decisions.

Increase Traffic and Sales

Having a Google My Business listing is crucial to increasing the number of customers that you receive, both online and in-store. This is of great significance given that any local business must be able to maintain steady traffic of customers online and in-store in order to achieve success. The value of being listed and appearing in local searches is shown by the fact that according to Google, companies are around 70% more likely to attract nearby customers by simply being listed. Consumers who discover a company via a Google My Business listing are around 50% more likely to purchase an item or service from them.

Learn More About Your Business

Regardless of the products or services which your business offers, it is important to understand your consumer base and their preferences well to better appeal to them. In addition to this, by understanding the types of consumers which your company appeals to, you can better adjust and improve your marketing strategy. In the Google My Business ‘Insights’ tab, you can view analytics to help you better understand your clients. Here you will find numerous useful rundowns and charts automatically created with your business’s data.  

These presentations include the level of exposure which your business has, who your customer base is, as well as how they’re engaging with your business. These breakdowns can inform you of how well your company is doing during the year, allowing you to identify and focus on both the successful and less successful aspects of your business.

Rank Higher in Results

It’s quite simple: the more Google likes your business, the higher it will rank you in its search results. Google will become ‘happier’ with your business if you consistently provide quality and accurate information through Google My Business. By doing so, Google is able to convey more information about your company to potential consumers.

Increase Engagement

Google My Business accounts offer ample opportunities for customer engagement. Clients can view your website, click to call your company’s telephone number, and even schedule consultations or reserve tables straight through a company’s listing.

Free Google Advertising

Two of the quickest ways to appear at the top of Google are through an Adwords campaign and good old-fashioned SEO. An effective Adwords campaign, however, requires a lot of experience and is usually a recurring cost. Similarly, SEO can be time-consuming and require content development.  

However, a far less time-consuming means of efficient marketing is by operating a Google My Business account. Utilizing GMB posts, photos, and other features provide immediate visibility on the internet and is free-of-charge.

Although we encourage the use of a Google My Business listing, we are not in any way discouraging the use of paid advertisements or the development of a company’s SEO via their website. Given that these methods are both effective, we are simply highlighting how a Google My Business listing is both more affordable and sustainable.

Stand Out from Competitors

Google My Business listings include all the essential information your customers need to engage with your company. In addition, it shows a short description that highlights your company’s values and helps the customer better understand what you offer. Creating an efficient Google My Business description provides potential customers with a complete picture of your company. Your description should include relevant keywords and depict authenticity to best represent your company.  

Through a small snippet of content, your Google business description gives you an opportunity to stand out from your competitors in a consumer’s initial scan through search results—don’t pass up this benefit!

Google’s search results are becoming more and more robust, with answer boxes, related questions, and even results appearing in the search suggest drop-down menu. The benefits Google My Business affords local businesses are only growing. Get your profile set up today to start reapin’ em!

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